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Take your SOCIAL MEDIA to the next level.

Do you find yourself too busy to post on social media 2-3 times a week to keep your business active and seen by your customers? Are you struggling to find the best way to market your products & services directly without blowing your budget?

If you realise the importance of social media for your business but lack the knowledge and/or time to complete these necessary tasks, SSMA SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT could be the perfect solution

Our service includes:-

  1. Developing a marketing strategies based on your desired goals
    SSMA focuses on what you want to achieve and applies social media strategies to get the best results from your promotions and to attract more social followers.
  2. Social media account initial set up.
    We'll check all your social media accounts and make sure they are setup correctly with all the information and details needed to to promote & display your brand. (Eg Business info, attractive cover image etc)
  3. Posting graphics and text on your behalf.
    SSMA will post original content on your behalf (approved by you, of course) using a mix of photo and video content, along with text. This helps to attract and engage customers, encouraging them to comment & share  - thus spreading your brand.
  4. Staying current and share on trends and news relevant to the client’s business
    We can also post important news relevant to your business to spark interest in customers looking to buy your products/services.
  5.  Increasing the number of followers
    SSMA will spread posts to your chosen demographic in accordance to your Marketing Strategy to get maximum likes and engagements on your product or service. Our aim is to also increase website traffic from your social profiles.
  6. Community facilitation to the client's target market.
    Customers questions and comments can be answered by SSMA if required to save time so you can concentrate on what you do best.  Any specific, product / services queries will be forwarded to you for follow up.
  1. Marketing analysis.
    At the end of every month, SSMA will provide you with a report outlining the growth of your online profile  Exact information about each post made in that time frame will be provided. This strategy will also help SSMA provide the best results for future posts.

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