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GROW your business through SOCIAL MEDIA

Social Media Management

Take your social media to the next level by letting an expert take control. We can promote your brand, products and service through creating content that is more engaging, more shareable and will spread your business across your desired market. Social Media is now the most preferred way to promote small businesses due to the ability to reach such a large audience using only a small advertising budget. Our marketing strategies and social media knowledge will increase your social following and promote your business directly to your customers.

Social Media Training

Do you need some help in all things social media or are you  frustrated with the lack of basic social media knowledge? We're here to help.

Located in Port Stephens SSMA can come out to your place of business and help setup and train you in all aspects of social media & social media marketing. Our LOW COST, ONSITE 2 HOUR COURSE will guide you in setting up your social media accounts correctly as well as show you how to promote your business directly to your chosen market in the best way possible.

We'll be able to increase your social media followers, engagement and brand awareness so you can increase your customer base and create brand loyalty for your products and services.

Communicating effectively and efficiently to your market is crucial for small businesses. Social Media Marketing is - by far - THE BEST and most cost effective way to achieve this.

Lead Generating

WE FIND YOU CUSTOMERS - Wouldn't it be great if you were sent good quality leads straight to your inbox. Leads that already knew about your product and were in the market to buy. Using advanced strategies to attracts prospective customer in your desired market we can capture their details and provide an email address and phone number. All you need to do is contact them to finalise the sale.


  • Let an expert take care of your social media accounts
  • We'll create great looking content that is both engaging and shareable
  • We'll promote your business directly to your market and preferred demographic
  • Increase your facebook likes and other followings to leverage your organic postings.
  • Create reports so you can see the difference we make.


  • Conquer your social media marketing frustration.
  • LOW COST, on-site 2 hr course focusing on how to get the most out of your social media.
  • One-on-one training, hints, tips and specific advice on everything social including content creation.
  • Learn how to market your products and services using social media best practices.


  • We'll send you the contact details of customers looking for your product or service.
  • All prospective customers are people that already know about your product and want to be contacted.
  • Using advanced social media and lead generation strategies we can target your specific market.
  • Let us do the hard work and find quality leads so all you need to do is finalize the sale.

Our Services

Social Media Marketing • Social Media Setup • Social Media Training • Marketing your business through Social Media • Managing Social Media Accounts for Small Businesses. Create more engagement with your business through Social Media. Grow your Business through Social Media • Lead Generating • Quality Business Leads • Finding new customers through social media and lead generation.